Chenery Street Remodel: New Project

We started this project in May. This is a two unit home and we are remodeling the entire top floor unit. The clients need functional, flexible space for a young family of four. To achieve this we will remove all of the dividing walls in the public space of the house and relocate the kitchen. We will also add a new full mater bath and closet to the master bedroom and a laundry room to the guest/kid's bathroom. More windows and skylights will bring in even more beautiful natural light, which will be carried down into the ground floor unit since we are removing the wall around the back stairs.

Less walls + more natural light = a happy home. 

Here's the existing + proposed floor plans from our construction documents:


And here are the beautiful renderings:


And just for fun here are some alternate layout options we played around with (note the third bathroom we considered squeezing in between the children's bedrooms as well as the different ways we played around with the public spaces):


Construction starts as soon as we have our permits by the end of November which means finished photos will be up in 6 months!