Henry Street Remodel: Project Summary

This project is done!

I'll start with the photos and get into some more details below (Colin Price Photography)


This super cute little house was previously just one story over the garage. We added a large master suite and laundry room to the ground floor and seamlessly connected that to the existing stairs at the entry. Then we took down all the walls in the public spaces upstairs to create one large kitchen, living and dining room. We also remodeled and expanded the upstairs bathroom and updated the hallway, lightwell patio area and closets. So basically, this is an "everything remodel".

Some cool stuff to note:

  • The natural lighting! The existing space was dark on both floors. The property faces North so it receives almost all indirect sunlight. After we opened the walls, added skylights and a larger south facing lightwell window upstairs and a glass door with transom and larger windows downstairs, the difference is pretty dramatic.

  • That lovely tub set an angle.

  • Large glass backsplash next to the fridge opens the space even more.

  • The additional storage cabinet almost hidden in the bathroom wall. We like to utilize every bit of space, especially in the bathroom where a typical vanity is not enough storage.

  • The master bath floor tiles that look like wood planks. I've been seeing this all over the place and really love this style. They are especially nice with radiant heating installed underneath.

And here are the existing and proposed floor plans: