Santa Paula Ave Remodel | Client Testimonial

white kitchen with brown wood island and wood flooring and stainless steel appliances.jpg

“Rudy, Jessica, and their team are great! We have done many renovations from small to large, and they are the best team we have worked with.

On the design side, I had a lot of ideas coming into the process, and Jessica was able to incorporate and respond to my ideas, while adding her expertise and creativity. It was a perfect balance. On the construction side, Rudy is very knowledgeable and responsive. He always stays positive and really stands by his word and his work. Overall, their team had a wonderful vibe - they were always hard-working, reliable, friendly, and respectful of the space. They seemed to get along well and work well together, so everyone always seemed happy to be here, even though it is such hard work. We had difficulty with one of the sub-contractors (floor), and Rudy was able to help us resolve it with no extra drama. There were some more significant surprises and additions along the way that did add to cost, but I never felt like we were nickel-and-dimed for every little change the way I have been by other contractors. Rudy stood by his estimates. When we sprang a pipe leak a few months later, Rudy rushed over to help repair it, and even though it was not in a pipe that they worked on, he ended up not charging us, as he said they had worked on that wall and may have loosened the joint. That is above and beyond!”


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