Teresita Blvd 1 Design Build

Kitchen Dining & Living Remodel | Miraloma | San Francisco


Project Scope

SF Design Build was hired to remodel the kitchen, living, dining and office area of this single family home. The existing space was chopped into several rooms, with a central lightwell/courtyard area. The home owners desired a more functional living area where they could appreciate the courtyard space.

We came up with a plan to remove most of the walls, swap the kitchen and dining locations and make the courtyard the centerpiece of the design and home. Moving the kitchen also allowed the space needed for a custom height island.

We replaced the existing hodge-podge of windows and doors in the courtyard with large Marvin sliding glass doors and two floor to ceiling windows. We worked with Fireclay Tile to design a custom ceramic tile for their courtyard floor. The fireplace and backsplash tiles are also from Fireclay Tile in San Francisco. 

Arch & Build

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